Against the Marcionite Error, Paragraph III

What shall we say of this thirteenth womb, the temporal sack of decay, the tomb of the Mother? We say that it is as the Sheol. As we know, the Woman of Endor can access this place. This is proven by the sin of First Saul. Has the thirteenth womb been razed, as hell was razed? No, for it persists. The present specter is the teachings of Second Saul, Thaddeus.

A voice cries out,
Lupus-Cain, come forth,
You wretched creature.

But Lupus-Cain does not answer,
For he has been taught
To remain silent.

Therefore, in this present age
Lupus-Cain longs to depart
From the cage of the twelfth womb, Petrus,
And inhabit the moldering chamber
Of the thirteenth womb.

The hope of Lupus-Cain:
In the final hours, a voice
Will cry out, Lupus-Cain, come forth,
And his flesh will be made a phantasm
Before the face of the Saul.



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