On Adonai-pneumatology and Christus-pneumatology, Part II

According to the operations of the Adonai-Spirit, the corrupt sarkos is flayed and the celestial flesh is unbound, such that it is made to grow and fill those regions of the person that were formerly occupied by the corrupt sarkos. The Adonai-Spirit also acts on the prosopon, such that the soul is slowly unbound and restored to its natural, uncorrupted state.

The Christus-Spirit acts on the faculties of the intellect, granting special insight into secret divine acts in the world. This secret insight is incommunicable; it cannot be shared through created words. The Christus-Spirit also forms a secret, invisible, trans-temporal, trans-spacial bond of eros that unites one human to another. The Christus-Spirit builds the ecclesial body. This is what we mean when we speak more generally of a ‘common operation’ of the Spirit.


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