Birth & Beast

Lupus-Cain was wont to lurk in wild and lonesome steppes, where neither king, nor priest, nor shepherd was known to dwell.

And one day the LORD was walking through the steppes at the heat of the day.

The LORD said, “Lupus-Cain, come forth! For it is appointed that I sup at your tent this very day.”

But Lupus-Cain answered him not.

Again, the LORD spake, saying,
“Lupus-Cain, do not hide as your parents before you hid from me.
Rather, show your countenance, and speak unto me like a man, for I am your LORD.
Your very form did I shape in the womb of your mother, Eve.”

And Lupus-Cain let forth a beastly howl.

And Lupus-Cain spake unto the LORD, saying,
“Why have you done this to me? For this creature that you appointed for me to look upon has rendered me mute;
she hath taken captive my very rational function, and I meditate on evil both day and night!”

And the LORD said unto him, “Your brother Abel, the shepherd of my flock, did make a covenant with his eyes.
For he looked upon her face once, and blessed the LORD his God.
He looked upon her face a second time, and humbling himself, asked that the LORD keep his eyes from stumbling; might keep his heart from exulting in evil.
But you, Lupus-Cain, have looked even a third time. Thus, my presence in your tent will not be one of blessing, but of curse.”

And Lupus-Cain said unto the LORD, “My punishment is too great for any man bear! Will you not send one of your ravens to pluck out mine eyes, that I might not suffer?”

And the LORD departed from the wilderness that very day.


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