Two Ways

Some meditations inspired by the authors’ recent interaction with a hostile interlocutor.

There are two ways a man might go.
These have been laid out in Holy Scripture.

Folly is known by its (fruitless, solipsistic, onanistic) deeds;
Yet Wisdom is vindicated by all her children.

A fool returns to his folly (again and again);
but a wise woman cleaves my teachings to her chest.

A wolf is not tamed, managed, brought into the house to play with the children.
Rather, a wolf is kept at a distance, and delicately fed on corn and bacon.

No one says “Touch not, taste not, handle not” to a wild beast,
but only to the rational part.

Only a fool persists in instructing a dumb beast.
“If Christ hath redeemed Adam, why do you persist in dealing with Cain?”


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