To Live Outside the Law, You must be Honest

Lupus is fundamentally an a-nomic beast. A lion, of course, lives by the royal law. And even a hyena, which travels in packs, lives by the law of the jungle. But the wolf is a solitary beast, skulking across the steppes without regard for any creature but himself, and those other creatures that might fulfill his own limitless desire in some way. Thus, there is no law that governs Lupus. We certainly cannot describe him as autonomous, for the notion of autonomy presumes that there is some substance to the Lupine self. Rather, we must stick with the conception of anomie to characterize Lupus.

Within the framework of a law, or a code of laws, “honesty” always refers precisely to the standards established by that law. It also entails the correlative concept of dis-honesty. Thus, those who operate under the law must conform their own behavior–if it is to be honest; and the law demands that it is–to that of the external code.

Outside of a legal framework, the notion of “honesty” (and the scare-quotes here are absolutely essential) becomes wholly undetermined, except by pure spirit. Thus, Lupus becomes a law unto himself. A solitary, one-man community. Think, for instance, of all of YHWH’s covenants with humanity. Each of them applied to a multiplicity of persons, with the exception of the Cainite covenant. The Cainite covenant–the promise that YHWH will not put Lupine flesh to death–is made on an individual basis between YHWH and Cain.

Thus, insofar as he lives outside the law, all of Cain’s actions are honest. It becomes definitionally impossible for Cain to act dis-honestly. Thus, an adequate Cainite ethic will seek to demonstrate how pure spirit need not be constrained by the actions of the flesh, for all of Cain’s actions–both actual and potential–fall within the realm of (anomic) honesty, just as all spiritual actions–those performed by the Pneumatic humanity of Second Adam–fall within the realm of supra-nomic honesty, for in each of his actions, Second Adam both fulfills the law, and makes it irrelevant. Thus, there is no realm within which both Cain and Second Adam relate. Let not your left hand know what your right hand is doing.



One comment on “To Live Outside the Law, You must be Honest

  1. Johannes Anti-Hominem says:


    Lupus suffers under the law; who will release him from his eyes of flesh?

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