On Laying with the Wolf

When the LORD placed the mark upon the head of our father, Cain,
Cain was made to be other than the man, Seth, who
Had been pushed with little violence but great pain
From the womb of the Mother of the Living,
Eve, Mother of both Night and Day, Mother of All Contradiction and Wailing.

From her womb the seeds of battle were sown,
So that since that time the soil and the sky
Have cried out to the LORD for relief.
But no relief has come.

When that ancient mark was placed upon him,
Cain immediately went to the East
Far away from the LORD.
And there he went into his woman,
Woman of Nod, the Woman of Strife, the Woman of Violence.
And their flesh was made to be as one,
But Cain remained set apart from the rest of humanity,
For he knew he was set apart for destruction.

When the Woman of Nod took the marked Cain
Into her person, she was filled with the lupine ruach,
And her innermost parts were tormented.

And that dark ruach bore violence upon violence,
For no man and no woman can resist the thirst for lifeblood,
The diet of the wolf.


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