Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?

In the 39th chapter of Genesis, Joseph–the type of Christ, the spiritual offspring of Abel–flees from the voluptuous embraces of the Potiphar’s wife. In the chapter prior, his brother Judah–the spiritual offspring of Cain, and the fleshly ancestor of Christ–did not vacillate in the road, but rather embraced, nay reveled in, the warm, inviting flesh of his own daughter in law, Tamar. In Joseph, we see righteousness rewarded with glory, whereas in chapter 4, we see Abel’s righteousness rewarded with a bloody blow to the head. Here, in Judah, we see wickedness rewarded in a different sort of way. Judah enjoys the fleshly delights of Tamar with impunity. With impunity? Nay! With more than impunity, for he–and his entire tribe–is rewarded for this libidinous ribaldry by being crowned the father of the Messiah, the ancestor not only of King David, but of the Virgin Miriam. Will Cain ever be subdued? Or will the wolf continue to have his way in the roads and in the ditches? Hear his lewd howling in the distance. He draws near…


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