A Prayer?

Yea, from the rib of Father Adam was our Mother Eve brought forth.
But from the very rib of YHWH was Sarai our Sister/Wife fashioned.
With delicate precision did YHWH Adonai shape this creature’s hair,
her nose and mouth, and all the nameless parts.


Lamech, Lamech, what have you done? And Tubal-Cain, what have you fashioned?
Jubal and Jabal, I have reckoned your works, too.
Yet no work of human hands compares with the mystery that the Lord hath wrought in Ur-Sarai.
Such depth of human wickedness hath no other creature inspired


From the furthest corners of the earth, have sages and rulers drawn unto you.
Even the Queen of Sheba sought out your counsel; the mother of Ba’al asked your advice.
Yet tell me, Solomon, if ye be wise:
How ought Wolf relate to Sister/Wife?


2 comments on “A Prayer?

  1. Johannes, Of all the learning boasted in this corrupt, dying age, this is a true and good word. Indeed, it is a lucid word regarding the origins and organs of Ur-Sarai. The mysteries you hold together are multiform.

    However, I must raise the question: if we take Ur-Sarai to be a creaturely instantiation of vital beauty, how then is she also to be understood as the Form of Beauty that both indwells and flows from the very breast of YHWH?

    You know I am but a humble man, a pair of tattered claws tossed across the floors of the silent deep.

  2. Johannes Anti-Hominem says:

    Myth is that which holds together creaturely life and divine sustenance; Word is that which divides even the sinews. Thus, always let the Word govern your interpretation of the three orders: divinity; creation; myth.


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