The Law, The Warlock, and the Inward Mark

There is a disobedience that is not of the flesh, but of the spirit. This is the rebellion of the intentions of the mind. As the LORD spake through his prophet in condemnation of First Saul, “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft,” and internal rebellion indubitably constitutes a form of such abomination.

Let the wise reader attend to the facts. Second Saul was strictly forbade and duly prevented by the Spirit-Dove to visit Spain. And yet the intent of his heart was nonetheless to visit Spain, in open rebellion against the desires of the Spirit-Dove. According to the Word taught by the LORD’s prophet, we must conclude that Second Saul fell into precisely the same form of internal witchcraft as did First Saul, when he first intended to spare Agag, sheep, and oxen.

What then is this, O Nations? Would you heed unto the mad ravings of a Warlock? A male witch? Turn aside from your folly, and be ye faithful unto the Law, which is as a lamp unto your (inward) feet and a light unto your (inner) path. For we must conclude that a true and full spiritual observation of the LORD’s Law is the only thing that will keep the external ragings of Lupus from doing spiritual damage to one’s soul. The Law is a hedge around the inner sanctity of all those who would allow Second Adam fully to redeem First Adam, while fulfilling all righteousness, and respecting the mark of Inner Cain, who has reign over the Outer Man until he wastes away at the Last Day.


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