Lupus-Cain, A Squalid Piece of Shit

The Lord of Lords spoke: “Lupus-Cain, do not taste. Lupus-Cain, do not see. Remain blind, you dog, when you behold worldly forms.”

But Lupus-Cain did not heed the word of the Lord of Lords. Lupus-Cain lifted his eyes unto the hills and desired only to taste that which he saw. And the nose of the Lord burned against Lupus-Cain that day.


2 comments on “Lupus-Cain, A Squalid Piece of Shit

  1. Dr. Hog says:

    For the wolf, like all dogs, has been declared unclean.

  2. Dr. Hog says:

    “Let your speech always be with grace, seasoned with salt.”

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