Quaestiones de Quodlibet: I & II

I. Shall Cain’s gaze be described as “critical”?

Thesis 1: The krisis of God will come upon Cain because of his profligate gaze.
Thesis 2: Cain’s gaze may be considered ‘critical’ insofar as it searches long and far.
Thesis 3: But in the schoolmen’s sense of ‘critical,’ Cain’s gaze is not such a vision, because he does not judge carefully, but rather casts his gaze upon both swine and pearls.

II. If Lupus has univocal knowledge of himself, are the orders of being and knowledge unified in his person?

Thesis 1: Univocal knowledge is an impossibility for a being which is not identical to itself.
Thesis 2: Reflexive relations cannot be predicated of Lupus, for such predications would be essentially unstable.
Thesis 3: Thus, in making claims about Lupus, one must attend carefully to that which is Cainite, and to that which is Adamic.