Lament for (Such) a One

“Let the dogs deny that the Holy Spirit came down upon the apostles; or even let them discredit history! … By countless, wondrous means, Satan along with the whole world has endeavoured either to oppress or overwhelm the publication of Scripture, to obscure and obliterate it utterly from the memory of men–yet, like the palm, it has risen higher and higher and has remained unassailable. Indeed, scarcely has there ever been either a sophist or a rhetorician of superior ability who did not try all of his power against it; yet all have been unsuccesful.” ~ Jean Calvin, The Institutes of the Christian Religion


The authors of this journal know of a certain man who has sex like an animal and yet wishes to judge God’s WORD as untrue. 

He ridicules the very one who made him. And his heinous sexual immorality condemns him. He extinguishes daily the testimony of his very conscience. He makes a mockery of his baptism, yet sin makes a mockery of him.

Be not deceived, good readers: God is not mocked. Neither shall such a one prosper, nor should he boast.

The authors of this journal call down judgment upon his body, that his soul might be saved. He honors not the Name above all names; so shall his name be disgraced.

His knee bows not to the Authority on High; so shall his knees be broken.

His tongue confesses not the Maker of all; so shall his tongue be bruised.

His mind submits not to the authority of the WORD; so shall his mind lose its very capacity for words. He shall be as a beast for thirteen days, and on the fourteenth day, he must repent in sackcloth and ashes. Else a beast he shall remain, all the days of his life. He shall wander the green pastures of his homeland with the bulls and the sheep.

For the body may pass away in judgment by fire, but his immortal soul shall not pass away, but must suffer the eternal consequences of the sickness unto death of the flesh. O, but for his immortal soul; Alas, may the watchers watch as all sorts of iniquity are treaded under foot by him whose eye never rests. May his eternal soul be divorced by judgment from the body of iniquity and death and sexual immorality with those wicked eastern women of Babylon.