Behold, I Show You a Mystery

The following are not words of true teachers, but rather the words of a deceiver. For one has said: “Not all shall rise; rather, some shall sleep in the dust of the earth forever. One such man is Abel, son of Adam; another is the second Abel, son of the most high.”

But we say: “It is true that the second Abel recapitulates the first Abel in all manner of things. Just as the first Abel did not resist his brother Cain, but allowed him what is called ‘wolf space,’ neither ¬†does the second Abel resist Cain. Rather, he grants unto him the steppes, the prairies, and a dry and cold place on which to roam.”

We say further: “But to deny that either the first or the second Abel has risen unto new life is rank apostasy. Let such a deceiver be Anathema.”