Prayer for Beasts?

Shall we pray for those who parade in lewd hats and seek to consume the flocks of the Lord?

As someone once wrote: “I know that we must make due distinction between the individual and the abominable and accursed seat [of the beast]. But I do think that those who pray specially for him who bears the mark of reprobation, have surely much time to spare. I lay down laws for no man, but it is a matter of concern that the sobriety of prayers should express the reverence we feel for the name of God.”


Shadows and Empty Representations

When Wolf feeds with his eyes, what is the nature of his eating? The answer is this: he consumes passing shadows, which we call the filth of form, and a host of empty representations that condemn the whole body to eternal burning.

Let this be a warning to anyone who would gaze on external things, saying in their heart, “I will only look, but will not touch.”

And so this should be our prayer, “Have mercy, Master. Tear out the eyes so that the body might be preserved.”