Gospel of Thaddeus


From the Gospel of one Thaddeus, called by Goliath as an apostle of Yeshua,
“to the Cretans first, and also to the Parthians.”

As it was written:
Lucifer, slowly-begotten son of the Most High,
born before time, along with the divine Word, his twin.

But who fell from his throne,
dragging down with him a third of all spiritual principles
in a fateful trip to the terrestrial level.

There, they went unto the “daughters of men.”
Indeed, Lucifer went unto Ur-Sarai.
The most comely of all daughters of men.

She lived upon the plain of Zoar.

Ur-Sarai became heavy with child.
But 40 days before the appointed time, the foetus died,
becoming an abortion, a thing abhorrent unto the LORD.

And the people of Zoar cast this abomination outside the city gates,
upon gehenna,
the refuse pile.

Now around this time,
a new race was appointed amongst the sons…

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The Wolf Speaks to the Bloodworm

The Wolf to the Bloodworm: “Is it possible to be in this world and not creep?”

The Bloodworm to the Wolf: “Only if eternal death is truly possible.”

The Wolf to the Bloodworm: “But how do we know whether this is possible or impossible?”

The Bloodworm to the Wolf: “You have said it yourself, and so you are unable to comprehend your beginning and your end.”