“There was one born not within the walls of the House of Bread but at the warm feet of a soaked Ba’al. They called him Lupus-Cain. He was told to leave his birthplace. He was warned never to return. Two blazing hands were set before his face, and the eye of a dark bird was made to bear down upon his flesh.”

A fool is known by his folly; but wisdom always returns to the scene of the crime. Selah.


1) We hold firmly to all seven ecumenical councils, and thus to the apostolic and catholic faith of Yeshua, the Christos/Messiah.

2) We unambiguously and wholeheartedly condemn those who speak of Cain as the “victim of YHWH” and call for further discussion on the matter, asking the Spirit to guide us into all truth.

3) We hold firmly to a Chalcedonian two-natures, one hypostasis Christology. Where we diverge from some, more fleshly-minded, Christians is in our recognition of the two-fold flesh of man.

4) Our anthropology recognizes that man can be spoken of in two ways: either according to a tripartite anthropology, or according to the inner/outer distinction.

5a) When man is viewed as most basically a tripartite being, we affirm that he is composed of a soul, a spirit, and a body (or “flesh”).

5b) When man is viewed according to the inner/outer distinction, we affirm that the outer flesh, which (fleshly) eye can see, and (fleshly) hand can touch, is wasting away, while a (spiritual) battle is being waged within inner man.

6) We believe that a distinction must be made between two aspects of inner man: his Adamic humanity (natural human essence; that which is created after the image and likeness of YHWH) and his Cainite humanity (that which is damaged by habitual sin and willful corruption).

7) When Yeshua, the Christos/Messiah, takes on humanity perfectly, he takes on both the Adamic and the Cainite humanity. As the New Adam, he restores Adamic humanity (through the mediation of the Spirit) to its prelapsarian condition. However, the Cainite humanity remains untouched, unjustified, and unsanctified. Why does the Christos not save the entire man? The answer requires close attention to the narrative of Genesis. YHWH had placed a mark on our father Cain’s forehead. Whosever molests him will suffer sevenfold vengeance. Thus, the divine Word, while fully divinizing Adamic humanity, is not permitted–because of an eternal covenant intrinsic to the triune Godhead–to touch Cain at all.

8 ) The authors of Lupus-Cain seek to fashion and articulate a truly Christian ethic that distinguishes properly between the adamic and the cainite within the historical person, and allows one to act accordingly, taking special caution to fulfill all righteousness (spiritual things) according to Adam-Christ, while reserving all wickedness (fleshly things) according to Lupus-Cain.


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