On Political Action & Effectiveness

From time to time, the authors of Lupus-Cain receive unsolicited contributions from readers of this blog. In most cases, these contributions are considered but rejected. In this case, however, a reader has submitted a verse that–while it lies beyond the scope of typical themes of Lupus-Cain–captures its spirit in an unusually fitting manner.


        “The O-Boat”
         by a Reader
Be realistic, be responsible,
I want this nonsense to end!
Be serious about politics,
For Obama’s your friend.
With a grin on his face,
And a gun in his hand,
He’ll keep our cities quiet,
He’ll bring peace to this land.
Oh, he’s back and he’s black,
Are you too blind to see?
To the poor and defenseless,
He brings peace and prosperity.
Love him and serve him,
Respect him and his sword.
Now he’s building us an ark
So get on board!

Bring two of each kind,
As you climb in the O Boat
But above all else,
I want you to vote!