Eating Excreta, or Consuming Theological Education in America

Two students were out walking one evening on a university campus, also known as Universitas.

The first student, who loved to be called Teacher, called to the other: “Look! There’s an eminent scholar speaking in the bowels of our school and only a few have been invited, but we’re among them. Put on your best outfit and come to this talk. If we go, we’ll no doubt be seen by all the other teachers here. Our attendance will be noted and we may even be allowed to speak. If you come, I’ll introduce you to the most pinguid of them. You must meet the one who runs the Center at the state university!”

This one who loved to be called Teacher also loved money and the comforts of suburban life. Not only was he raised in a mall, but he also taught at a for-profit institution and loved to boast about his station.

The second student acknowledged that the first was speaking, but didn’t respond immediately, for he was weighing his reply carefully.

After a few moments he answered, “Friend, I’m going to the Supper this evening instead of rushing to the garbage heap. If I’m going to be a vermin, I’d rather nibble on the Host with the Most, than be one of these vultures trying to take a bite out of the Shit Pie.”


Mirror of Destruction: Cainite Humanity in the Face of Lupine Iniquity

We know that one called Wolf has been loosed upon the world, untied and unbound, for the purpose of tormenting the mind, heart, and flesh of all living. By what act was this one called Wolf loosed? It was by this act: the Adam knew the Mother of all Living, his wife, and she conceived; for forty times seven days she agonized before the Satan and in time came to bare Cain, and said, ‘I have gotten a man from the Lord’ (Gen. 4:1). With the birth of Cainite humanity came its counterpart, Lupus, who was born in secret. He is one who circles on the periphery of light, skulking in gray darkness that is not quite light.

As a laughingstock, Cain walks the face of the earth in shame. Indeed, the city established by Cainite humanity, the City of Wandering, is established in the light of day. “And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden” (Gen. 4:16). Cainite humanity therefore cries out, “Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth; and from thy face shall I be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that findeth me shall slay me” (Gen. 4:14).

You see, Cainite humanity is hid from the face of the Lord and put on display for all fleshly eyes to see. What is more, Cainite humanity is threatened with recurring death. This thought is buried deep in the flesh of Cainite humanity.

Now Lupus, or Wolf, is not Cain, but his analog. Lupus is the shadow-image of Cain. Cain walks in light and Lupus hides in darkness. Because Lupus hides from the face of the world, his iniquity is greater than that of Cain. This is what we call the mirror of Lupus-Cain, the instrument through which all confusion enters into the world.

Gospel of Thaddeus

From the Gospel of one Thaddeus, called by Goliath as an apostle of Yeshua,
“to the Cretans first, and also to the Parthians.”

As it was written:
Lucifer, slowly-begotten son of the Most High,
born before time, along with the divine Word, his twin.

But who fell from his throne,
dragging down with him a third of all spiritual principles
in a fateful trip to the terrestrial level.

There, they went unto the “daughters of men.”
Indeed, Lucifer went unto Ur-Sarai.
The most comely of all daughters of men.

She lived upon the plain of Zoar.

Ur-Sarai became heavy with child.
But 40 days before the appointed time, the foetus died,
becoming an abortion, a thing abhorrent unto the LORD.

And the people of Zoar cast this abomination outside the city gates,
upon gehenna,
the refuse pile.

Now around this time,
a new race was appointed amongst the sons and daughters of men;
they were called the nephilim.

And, contrary to both nature and law, a young man of the nephilim
–that race produced by the unnatural copulation
of the sons of God and daughters of man–
the strongest man-child of them all,
crawled to the refuse pile, to Gehenna.

And there he feasted upon* the remains of Ur-Sarai’s child.

Although he knew it not it at the time, he ate unto his own magnification,
for this eating brought upon him a mighty spiritual power.

And all the people of Zoar, and the ten cities surrounding it,
were full of fear for this mighty man.
His name was Goliath.

After the LORD separated the nations,
Goliath became a mighty man of Philistia.

One of the books of the Jews contains a tale of the very same Goliath,
during his 1,212th year.

The books of the Jews claim that a mighty king among them slew this Goliath.
But in fact, Goliath was not dead,
but was sleeping.

For on the third day, he arose and fled to the desert.
Goliath wandered the wilderness for countless years.

Because he did not grow old, like a mere mortal,
he remained in the noonday of strength even in his 3,636th year.

In the eighth month of his 3,636th year,
Goliath enlisted in the Roman army which was occupying Judea.

He abandoned his Philistine name,
trading the truth for a falsehood,
and became known throughout Judea as “Pantheros,” the panther.
Pantheros the Centurion terrorized the Jewish people.

The men among the Jews, in particular, hated Pantheros.
But their women cherished him in their hearts,
for he possessed a strength unknown amongst their peoples.

One night Pantheros went unto a young woman named Miriam,
who had been betrothed to Joseph of Nazareth.

And a child was conceived,
and he was named Yeshua bar Pantheros.

Yeshua was a mighty man who performed miraculous signs and wonders.
These works are recorded in the books known as “gospel.”

In his 33rd year, Yeshua was arrested by the Romans, and taken outside the city gates.

There was he crucified, and pierced in the side by his very own father,
Pantheros the Centurion.

The father delighted in the death of his own son,
and gloried in the blood sacrifice thereby produced.

Upon piercing the side of his son, Pantheros exclaimed,
“Truly this is the son of [a] god.”

Yeshua was taken for dead, and cast upon gehenna,
that refuse pile of old.

There his spiritual substance was mingled
with the spiritual substance of that very abortion
conceived by Lucifer and Ur-Sarai,
and which his father, Pantheros the Centurion,
had eaten nearly four millenia before.

After three days of troubled sleep,
the LORD appointed a great earthquake.
and woke Yeshua from his nap.

Leaving gehenna, Goliath was appointed
to wander in the wilderness for forty aeons,
and was thus declared immortal, like his father before him.

As medieval legends developed about this “wandering Jew,”
he became a source of terror to the men, and pleasure to their women.
But one day, Goliath the Centurion will once more slay his son, Yeshua,
in a sacrifice of atonement for the entire world.

* Other mss. read “knew” here.

On Laying with the Wolf

When the LORD placed the mark upon the head of our father, Cain,
Cain was made to be other than the man, Seth, who
Had been pushed with little violence but great pain
From the womb of the Mother of the Living,
Eve, Mother of both Night and Day, Mother of All Contradiction and Wailing.

From her womb the seeds of battle were sown,
So that since that time the soil and the sky
Have cried out to the LORD for relief.
But no relief has come.

When that ancient mark was placed upon him,
Cain immediately went to the East
Far away from the LORD.
And there he went into his woman,
Woman of Nod, the Woman of Strife, the Woman of Violence.
And their flesh was made to be as one,
But Cain remained set apart from the rest of humanity,
For he knew he was set apart for destruction.

When the Woman of Nod took the marked Cain
Into her person, she was filled with the lupine ruach,
And her innermost parts were tormented.

And that dark ruach bore violence upon violence,
For no man and no woman can resist the thirst for lifeblood,
The diet of the wolf.

Spiritual Flesh in Two Kinds, The Clean and The Unclean

The appetite of the Lupus-Cain is insatiable. He desires nothing more than to gently taste the contours of lupine humanity, which is common to all. His desire is for the hidden part of the Ur-Sarai. And he desires nothing less than to feed on the inner-agnus, which is cultivated for its fatness in the rational part.

There are two kinds of flesh, the clean and the unclean. That which is clean is the inner-agnus that is washed in the spirit of the Christos-Messiah. That which is unclean is the lupine part. When the Lupus-Cain feeds on the latter, he commits self-murder, but his heart is made fat.

Arise, O Saul

Arise, O Saul, for it is you who first conceived the form of Lupus-Cain. A regenerated Porphyry rises who, as the old one once devoured the holy apostles, now devours the holy ones as well as their children!

Arise, O Cain, and ruin yourself in a rush of foolish zeal. For we know you have seen the form of Ur-Sarai. We know you wish to possess that form. But beware, her form will possess you when she says, “Come, taste and see that I am good.”

Beware, for there are many false teachers who wish to trample the lambs and bleed them out like swine.